Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Case Study

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Case Study

This project is an interactive case study for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour by Gameloft Games. This is simply an exercise to demonstrate an alternative user experience from the existing one.

Length of Project: Two weeks

Size of team: Myself and three volunteer testers

Software used: Omnigraffle Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Justinmind Prototyper, iPad iOs6, iPhone iOs6


• In order to identify user needs, I begin researching pre existing designs and user experiences. This means lots of game reviews and videos of in-game walkthroughs, as well as playing through the game, myself.



• After due diligence, I begin to sketch and layout my ideas before generating high-fidelity schematics which will eventually become wireframes.




• Once the idea is there, I begin mocking up wireframes and prototypes.


MC4-UI_wireframes_Page_2_900 MC4-UI_wireframes_Page_1_900

• Finally, the ideas are tested and revisions are made accordingly.




Breaking down the barriers – Menu system designed to:
• Enter gameplay with 3 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) “clicks”
• Menu is designed around the ergonomics of the hand
• “Mirror-menu” preferences that will cater to left handed and right handed players.



_set_campaign -screen-new_900


Designed for your hands – A HUD designed for comfort.
• UI is designed around the ergonomics of the thumb
• Utilizes accelerometer as well as on-screen UI (shake to reload feature)
• Minimalist approach to UI for maximization of screen real estate
• Addresses “pain points” and creates a dynamic interface that resembles an analog controller, but uses the flexibility of a touch sensitive surface




• Scalable interface that transitions nicely to smaller mobile devices.