DJ HUB Employee Help Page

DJ HUB Employee Help Page

This project is a re-design and combining of existing Dow Jones Help Pages into a single, easy-to-use user experience. The goal of this project is to create a UX that will allow users to self-troubleshoot and create service tickets via JIRA, rather than call the help desk.

Length of Project: 4 Weeks

Size of team: James Sisti (UX Designer), a senior information architect, eight stake-holders and twenty-two volunteer testers

Software used: Omnigraffle Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Justinmind Prototyper


After identifying user needs, I begin researching pre existing designs and user experiences.

A storyboard is then created to demonstrate the user needs and a solution.

I gather analytics from the pre existing help page and call center to categorize information and create a user test.

Finally, I create wireframes based on the test feedback that demonstrates a clean and efficient user experience. The wireframes below are the third round of revisions.


These wireframes are based on the results of my research and the user testing. This is a search-centric help page with lists of services in a grid. Each service is assigned to a category, which is represented by an icon.On the right side of the page, a list of common issues other users are searching appear as well as a recent history to streamline the self-troubleshooting process. Employees can also fill out their own service tickets by click the “Log In” button in the JIRA module. Lastly, users can provide feedback by rating their experience on the page.The use of “breadcrumb” links allow the user to backtrack when necessary. A list of related issues appears in each subcategory to provide more relevant options. The search feature may be filtered to search within specific categories and narrow the search.