Sourpuss Clothing Redesign

E-commerce Experience

This project is a responsive e-commerce website design for alternative clothing brand client, Sourpuss Clothing. This is an excerpt of the work submitted to and implemented by the client, as well as a brief insight into my role as UX lead.

Visit sourpussclothing.com to review the completed site.


Length of Project: 3 Months

Size of team: James Sisti (UX Lead), Creative Director, Project Manager, Technical Director, 3rd Party Development Team, Sourpuss Clothing Product Manager

Software/Hardware used: Sketch, Invision

  • Problem:

    Sourpuss Clothing needed to update their existing e-commerce experience on both desktop and mobile browsers, in order to remain competitive in a growing online retail marketplace.

  • Solution:

    Strategically re-approaching the way users shop with mobile devices, comparative analysis and heuristic evaluation of top competing brands, implementing a responsive design that adhered to e-commerce best practices, from backend to User Interface, without sacrificing the integrity of the art direction and branding of Sourpuss Clothing.


The first priority was to learn Sourpuss Clothing inside and out as a business. To accomplish this, I performed a deep dive with the client into topics such as: core business model, customer culture, company philosophy and goals. Developing personas based on a demographic study of the customer base was the next step.

After identifying the key pain points in the existing website experience, I performed a comparative analysis with competing brands, and created lo-fidelity wireframes for mobile devices and desktop tangentially.


After completing and testing lo-fidelity prototypes based on my wireframes, we began to build a hi-fidelity prototype to illustrate user flows to the client, in order to gather feedback.

This feedback, along with the feedback that isn’t included in this case study, provided a compelling argument that our observations from the initial heuristic evaluation were on point.

Once the best solutions were identified, we proposed design that not only followed best practices for responsive web design, the design utilized the full potential of the Magento platform on the backend. Finally, the ideas were tested and revisions were made accordingly during multiple rounds of collaboration and design iteration with the client.


The success of the updated customer experience on Sourpuss Clothing’s website depended on a few factors: strategic product placement and categorization, the ability to navigate with ease on both desktop and mobile devices, removal of redundant and unnecessary steps for checking out, and engaging with the Sourpuss community via social media (the customer gallery).

The result of the study was the full implementation of our suggested revisions in the current build of Sourpussclothing.com