Life’s an adventure; a possibilities machine. There’s a surprise under every rock and I’m flipping boulders.


Design is an all encompassing umbrella that can be applied to anything from a sophisticated digital interface to a door knob. This idea invigorates me and drives my creativity and imagination to lofty heights, be it through an exciting piece of technology or something quirky and innovative in a video game. As a gamer and designer, I love the creativity tabletop and video games inspire in players and how problem solving around outside-the-box scenarios translates well into everyday life.

After years of growth as an UX/UI designer, every lesson I learned revolves around this grand philosophy: in order to get to the heart of an idea, one must go back to the beginning to truly understand each thought and decision that goes into a finished product. My expertise in beginning concepts, wireframes and prototypes, as well as creating user interfaces, developing brands and polishing finished products makes me a jack-of-all-trades in the realm of design. This flexibility keeps my ideas fresh and makes me excited to go to work every day. I am also a people person, which makes communicating with clients, testers, and teammates an enjoyable aspect of my job.


• MAC – 10 years
• WINDOWS – 10 years
• Adobe Photoshop – 10 years
• Adobe Illustrator – 10 years
• Adobe In Design- 10 years
• Adobe Flash – 10 years
• Adobe Dreamweaver – 9 years
• Adobe After Effects – 9 years
• Adobe Bridge – 9 years
• Axure RP- 2 year
• Balsamiq Mockups – 4 years
• OmniGraffle Professional – 4 years
• WordPress – 4 years
• HTML/CSS – 4 years
• Final Cut Pro – 9 years
• Logic Pro – 4 years
• Microsoft Office – 15 years

Additional Skills:

• UI/UX/HCI Prototyping – 4 years
• Illustration/Storyboard – 9 years
• Photography/Video – 4 years
• Package/Space Design – 5 years
• Public Speaking – 9 years

References Upon Request